Two design options of core distribution block (CDB) for a cooled-vessel design in the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) were developed and the influence on the core hot spot was investigated by the commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code, CFX-11. Isothermal CFD analyses were performed to estimate the coolant flow variation at the inlet of the coolant channel. The results predicted about 5% of the maximum velocity deviation when applying the core pressure drop of NHDD PMR200. A unit-cell CFD model was used to access the effect of the velocity deviation on the core hot spot. The unit-cell analyses were carried out for the velocity deviation of 0%, 5%, and 10%. Not only a constant power but also a local maximum power profile was considered. According to the results, the maximum fuel temperature was increased by about 30°C for the velocity deviation of 10% but still below the normal operation limit of 1250°C.

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