This paper presents an online adaptive algorithm to compensate damping and stiffness frequency mismatches in rate integrating Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVGs). The proposed adaptive compensator consists of a least square estimator that estimates the damping and frequency mismatches, and an online compensator that corrects the mismatches. In order to improve the adaptive compensator’s convergence rate, we introduce a calibration phase where we identify relations between the unknown parameters (i.e. mismatches, rotation rate and rotation angle). Calibration results show that the unknown parameters lie on a hyperplane. When the gyro is in operation, we project parameters estimated from the least square estimator onto the hyperplane. The projection will reduce the degrees of freedom in parameter estimates, thus guaranteeing persistence of excitation and improving convergence rate. Simulation results show that utilization of the projection method will drastically improve convergence rate of the least square estimator and improve gyro performance.

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