Nowadays the application of MT-CCHP (Micro-Turbine Combined Cooling Heating and Power) systems is becoming more and more popular. Based on the micro-turbine, MT-CCHP systems use the fuels of natural gas, marsh gas and gasoline etc., work via the micro-turbine and surplus heat energy of the gasses and supply the heating, cooling and power to the buildings. MT-CCHP system has the advantages of step utilization in energy, energy conservation and environment protection, and is one of the most important directions of distributed energy system. In this paper, according to the steps of optimal scheme, several operational schemes of CCHP systems for a selected building are studied. The objective functions and their constraints are determined so as to minimize the annual total cost. The selected schemes are optimized using a program. The most suitable scheme to the building is gained and the optimal strategy is proposed. At last, the relationship of the natural gas price, the micro-turbine price and the investment recovery period of CCHP are studied. All these above will be good references to the economic analysis of BCHP (Building Cooling Heating Power) system.

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