eSolar has developed a cost-effective, utility-scale solar power tower plant that uses mass-manufactured components which are designed for modularity, rapid deployment and construction, and are easily scalable. eSolar’s design for a full commercial power tower plant consists of 16 receiver-heliostat field modules that generate superheated steam to power a 46 MWe turbine. Each receiver-heliostat field module comprises a north and south rectangular-shaped subfield that reflects concentrated sunlight onto a receiver located between the subfields. The receiver absorbs the concentrated sunlight in a dual cavity. It is a natural-circulation boiler consisting of economizer, evaporator, and superheater panels. A steam drum separates the saturated steam, which is superheated in the superheater panels of the receiver. The steam flows to a turbine generator to produce electricity. After passing through the turbine, the steam is condensed and returns to the cycle. Heat from the condenser is rejected by a wet cooling tower. eSolar is constructing the Sierra Solar Generating Station in Lancaster, California to demonstrate its technology. This power tower plant consists of two full-scale receiver-heliostat fields that can produce 5 MWe. This project will demonstrate the full functionality of two receiver-heliostat field modules coupled with a small Rankine-cycle turbine.

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