In recent years, a big effort has been made to improve microturbines thermal efficiency, in order to approach 40%. Two main options may be considered: i) a wide usage of advanced materials for hot ends components, like impeller and recuperator; ii) implementing more complicated thermodynamic cycle, like combined cycle. In the frame of the second option, the paper deals with the hypothesis of bottoming a low pressure ratio, recuperated gas cycle, typically realized in actual microturbines, with an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The object is to evaluate the expected nominal performance parameters of the integrated-combined cycle cogeneration system, taking account of different options for working fluid, vapor pressure and component’s performance parameters. Both options of recuperated and not recuperated bottom cycles are discussed, in relation with ORC working fluid nature and possible stack temperature for microturbine exhaust gases. Finally, some preliminary consideration about the arrangement of the combined cycle unit, and the effects of possible future progress of gas cycle microturbines are presented.

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