The operation stability of lager double-suction centrifugal pump is becoming an important issue. High radial force could result in fatigue failure of pump shaft and vibration of impeller. In order to find the effect of double-volute casing on impeller radial force, a double-suction centrifugal pump with two casing configurations is investigated by using CFD approach. The two casings have same geometry, the difference is that one is single-volute casing without dividing rib structure, another is double-volute casing with dividing rid structure. Results show that the dividing rib structure of double-volute casing could result in static pressure surrounding the impeller outlet is symmetry at every operating conditions, this is the reason why radial force of double-volute casing is lower than single-volute casing. The radial force vector diagrams for two casings are all hexagonal. However, radial force of double-volute casing is nearly equal at every operating condition, the centre of hexagon for double-volute casing is nearer to origin of coordinate, these results indicate radial force of double-volute casing is lower than single-volute casing. The rotating frequency and the blade passing frequency dominate the radial force fluctuation in single-volute casing, while both of them are almost not existed in double-volute casing. The results indicate that double-volute casing could significantly reduce radial force fluctuation in double-suction centrifugal pump.

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