Submersible tubular pump is a kind of horizontal pump with low head and large discharge, which uses the structure of postpositive tubular type with motor and pump coaxial. Nowadays, more and more urban pumping stations need to have the function of irrigation and drainage. In the plain areas, the head of many pumping stations are very low, even only about one meter. Considering the efficiency and practicability, the reversible submersible tubular pump is chosen to realize the function of irrigation and drainage.

Research on three-dimensional flow field in a submersible tubular pumping system using numerical simulation based on the Reynolds time-averaged Navier-Stokes equations and the RNG k-ε turbulent model. By using this method, the performance of pumping system such as head, shaft power and efficiency are predicted based on the calculation of different operating conditions. For verifying the accuracy and reliability of the calculation results, a model test was conducted. The comparison of simulation results and the experiment data shown that the calculation performances close agreement with the experiment results in the high efficiency area, but in the condition of large discharge and small discharge, deviations were existed between the two results. Combining with the numerical simulation and experimental, which can provide more evidences for the hydraulic performance prediction and optimization design of pumping system.

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