The present study deals with the flow phenomenon Rotating Instability (RI), which is predominantly observed in axial compressors at off-design conditions e.g. near stall. It potentially induces noise and triggers blade vibrations. Despite numerous studies, the characteristics and the source of RI are not completely understood. The objective of this work is to identify and to visualize characteristic flow topology corresponding to RI by means of Stereo High Speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The experimental investigations were carried out in an annular compressor stator cascade with and without hub clearance at an inflow Mach number of Ma = 0.4 and the Reynolds number of Re = 300 000. The time-resolved 3C flow field is measured in a single blade passage in planes tangential to the hub. Additionally, the time-resolved pressure fluctuations are captured synchronously to the PIV system. By using combined correlation techniques the spectral characteristics, the spatial extension of the RI and the characteristic flow structures were identified and visualized in configurations with and without hub clearance. The investigations point out that the general flow mechanism of RI is similar in compressor cascades with and without hub clearance. Overall, this work gives important insights into the complex phenomenon Rotating Instability, which can be taken into account when developing compressors in the future.

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