This paper presents the findings of three experiments using multi-point hot-wire arrays in the high Reynolds number axisymmetric turbulent wake behind a disk. The purpose of the multiple experiments was to validate earlier and less extensive experiments. The ‘slice POD’ was applied to all sets to examine the effects of array coverage and the disk support system. The Reynolds number based on the free stream velocity and disk diameter was kept constant at 28,000. The investigated region spanned from 10 to 60 disk diameters downstream. These results confirm the earlier findings. In particular, the eigenvalues integrated over frequency show a azimuthal mode-1 dominance at x/D = 10 which evolves to a mode-2 dominance by x/D = 50. For all downstream positions, two distinct peaks were found in the first eigenspectrum: one for azimuthal mode-2 at near zero frequency, and another for azimuthal mode-1 at a Strouhal number (fd/U) of 0.126. Both peaks decrease in magnitude as the flow evolves downstream, but the peak at the Strouhal number 0.126 decrease more rapidly then the one at near-zero frequency, leaving the latter to eventually dominate.

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