This paper describes about the vortex chamber oscillation device. The flow mechanism of the fluidics is applied in this device. The water jet issuing from this device oscillates by itself. By using the circular device having the diameter of 48mm and various elliptic devices with the major axis from 52mm to 60mm, the swinging flow has been observed by the high-speed camera. Next, the high-speed camera also has captured the flow feature inside of the vortex chamber oscillation devices. The image obtained from the high-speed camera has been processed by the PIV-method. The results of the image processing have been presented as the velocity vector diagrams and vorticity contour map. And the angle of sprinkled water has been also measured by means of the frame overlapping method. By using these results, the effects of the geometrical configuration of the vortex chamber on the oscillating phenomena have been investigated.

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