The pump sump, which connects forebay and intake of pump station, supplies good flow condition for the intake of the pump. The flow inside pump sump is very complex and dominated by three dimensional viscous effects. In order to recognize the characteristic of pump sump, the control volume method is used to simulation the flow filed. The RNG k-ε turbulent model and SIMPLEC algorithm are applied to do analysis. Flow fields inside pump sump are analyzed in details. A lot of computational data, such as computational contour of sections, streamline, flow vectors and pressure contour, are given in the paper. On the based of the simulation results, best plane shapes and suitable dimensions of sump are presented. Relationship between flow patterns and dimensions of sump, such as back wall clearance, bellmouth height and shape of back wall etc, was discussed. The recommenced parameters are brought out. The results show that numerical flow fields agree well with experiment data measured by 3D-PIV model test.

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