The use of multiphase pumps on gas and oil wells which have Gas Volume Fractions (GVF) between 50 and 100% have been shown to have practical applications[1]. A single multiphase pump can replace a separation system, gas compressor, and liquid pump. This can significantly reduce installation cost, maintenance cost, and the space occupied by the system. By reducing the well head pressure, additional production can also be obtained. This work investigates the ability of a 200 hp, 635 gpm twin screw pump designed for use as a multiphase pump to operate over a range of gas volume fractions, inlet pressure, pressure rise, and operating speed. GVF’s from 50% to 100% are considered with inlet pressures from 15 to 100 psig. The pump pressure rise is varied from 50 to 300 psig for operating speeds of 900, 1350, and 1800 rpm. The working fluids for this evaluation are air and water. Each are separately measured prior to injection into the pump inlet. Electrical power consumed along with pressure and temperature measurements across the pump allow the evaluation of pump efficiency, hydraulic performance, volumetric efficiency, and effectiveness (reduction in hydraulic efficiency from pure liquid performance).

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