In this paper, two-oscillating grid turbulence with/without viscoelastic additives was performed experimentally by particle image velocimetry. Two classical drag-reducing additives-polymer (Polyacrylamide, PAM) and cationic surfactant (cetyltrimethyl ammonium chloride, CTAC) were chosen. The experiments were carried out under the classical concentration (25ppm) and three different grid oscillation frequencies. Two-dimensional wavelet transform was utilized to investigate multi-scale characteristics of vortex structures and intermittency based on wavelet coefficient. The results showed that at the same decomposition level, the existence of viscoelastic additives attenuates the high-frequency components of fluctuation velocity. The small-scale intermittency is remarkably inhibited by viscoelastic additives especially for scale parameter smaller than 24. Besides, CTAC additives show different effect from PAM additives. Therefore, turbulent drag reduction with additives also happens in two-oscillating grid turbulence without wall effect.

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