The PBI (poly(benzimidazole)) nano-fiber thin film with thickness of 18–30 μm is prepared by electro-spinning from a 20 wt% PBI/DMAc (N, N-dimethyl acetamide) solution. The PBI nano-fiber thin film is then treated with a glutaraldehyde liquid for 24h at room temperature to proceed chemical crosslink reaction. The crosslink PBI nano-fiber thin film is then immersed in Nafion solutions to prepare Nafion/PBI nano-fiber composite membranes (thickness 22–34 μm). The morphology of the composite membranes is observed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The mechanical properties, conductivity, and unit fuel cell performance of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of the composite membrane are investigated and compared with those of Nafion-212 membrane (thickness ∼50 μm) and Nafion/porous PTFE (poly(tetrafluoro ethylene)) composite membrane (thickness ∼22 μm). We show the present composite membrane has a similar fuel cell performance to Nafion/PTFE and a better fuel cell performance than Du Pont Nafion-212.

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