Designers of advanced gas turbine combustors are considering lean direct injection strategies to achieve low NOx emission levels. In the present study, the performance of a multipoint radial airblast fuel injector (“Lean Burn Injector—LBI”) is explored for various conditions that target low-power gas turbine engine operation. Reacting tests were conducted in a model can combustor at 4 atm and 6.6 atm, and at a dome air preheat temperature of 533 K, using Jet-A as the liquid fuel. Emissions measurements were made at equivalence ratios between 0.37 and 0.65. The pressure drop across the airblast injector holes was maintained at 3% and 7–8%. The results indicate that the LBI performance for the conditions considered is not sufficiently predicted by existing emissions correlations. In addition, NOx performance is impacted by atomizing air flows, suggesting that droplet size is critical even at the expense of penetration to the wall opposite the injector. The results provide a baseline from which to optimize the performance of the LBI for low-power operation.

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