Multi-blade row interactions in an advanced design 1&1/2 stage axial-flow compressor are experimentally investigated at both subsonic and transonic rotor operating conditions using particle image velocimetry (PIV). Transonic rotor operation had a significant impact on the downstream stator unsteady flow field due to phenomena associated with the intra-stator transport of the chopped rotor wake segments. In the stator reference frame, the rotor wakes have a slip velocity relative to the mean flow that causes the low momentum wake fluid to migrate across the vane passage and accumulate on the stator pressure surface as the chopped wake segments are transported downstream. This results in the generation of counter-rotating vortices on each side of the chopped wake segment that convect downstream with the mean flow and act as an additional source of unsteadiness to the vane pressure surface. These interaction phenomena are not evident in the PIV data at the part-speed compressor operating condition due to the much lower velocity deficit and hence slip velocity associated with the subsonic rotor wakes.

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