This paper presents steady and unsteady pressure measurements at three span locations (15, 50 and 85%) on the rotor surface of a transonic turbine stage. The data are compared with the results of a 3D unsteady Euler stage calculation. The overall agreement between the measurements and the prediction is satisfactory. The effects of pressure ratio and Reynolds number are discussed. The rotor time-averaged Mach number distribution is very sensitive to the pressure ratio of the stage since the incidence of the flow changes as well as the rotor exit Mach number. The time-resolved pressure field is dominated by the vane trailing edge shock waves. The incidence and intensity of the shock strongly varies from hub to tip due to the radial equilibrium of the flow at the vane exit. The decrease of the pressure ratio attenuates significantly the amplitude of the fluctuations. An increase of the pressure ratio has less significant effect since the change in the vane exit Mach number is small. The effect of the Reynolds number is weak for both the time-averaged and the time-resolved rotor static pressure at mid-span, while it causes an increase of the pressure amplitudes at the two other spans.

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