Ramgen Power Systems, Inc. (RPS) is developing a family of high performance supersonic compressors that combine many of the aspects of shock compression systems commonly used in supersonic flight inlets with turbo-machinery design practices employed in conventional axial and centrifugal compressor design. The result is a high efficiency compressor that is capable of single stage pressure ratios in excess of those available in existing axial or centrifugal compressors. A variety of design configurations for land-based compressors utilizing this system have been explored. A proof-of-concept system has been designed to demonstrate the basic operational characteristics of this family of compressors when operating on air. The test unit was designed to process ∼1.43 kg/s and produce a pressure ratio across the supersonic rotor of 2.41:1. Based on the results from that effort a compressor specifically designed for the high pressure ratios required to support CO2 liquification has been proposed. The basic theory of operation of this new family of compressors will be reviewed along with the performance characteristics and conceptual design features of the proposed CO2 compressor systems.

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