The 3D time accurate simulation of the MIT counter-rotating aspirated compressor is presented. The unsteady solver, TURBO, has been used with a phase-lag boundary condition to solve for the two counter-rotating rotors. An inlet boundary condition has been imposed to simulate the swirl and loss of the IGV. Cases with and without aspiration have been simulated. Comparison with data of the aspirated solution is good, especially near the tip picking up detailed features of the measured profile. On a 1D basis, the experimental efficiency is 87.9%, and the aspirated simulation is 89.4%. A comparison between the aspirated and non-aspirated simulations show the aspirated simulation is 2.2% higher in efficiency than the non-aspirated case. Flow details of the time-averaged solution in the second rotor show dramatic radial migration of high entropy fluid from the tip that gets ingested into the suction slot. This and other flow details shed light on the details of the counter-rotating aspirated design.

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