This paper addresses the quality of weight estimation that can be achieved in the early design phase and illustrates the significance of the results for conceptual engine design. A study was undertaken to determine the accuracy of weight estimation during the conceptual design phase. To this end, different engines were modeled using the preliminary design tool MOPEDS. The estimation method used to generate the results is based on geometric models for the considered component parts that have been calibrated as closely as possible to the existing geometries. Furthermore, the modeled part weights provided by MOPEDS have been compared to the real part weights to assess the uncertainty of the estimation method. The deviations are discussed to identify where an improvement of the method could be profitable with regard to a better overall estimation. It has been shown that for some hardware the estimation method is already very accurate, whereas some parts have geometric models that require improvement to realize an overall high quality. One of the calibrated engine models was used additionally as the basis for a parameter study to determine the accuracy of the part weight estimation method using MOPEDS in automatic design mode. The results showed that the deviation in the overall component mass for each test case was nearly constant during this study.

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