This paper describes a large scale heat flux instrumentation effort for the AFRL HIT Research Turbine. The work provides a unique amount of high frequency instrumentation to acquire fast response unsteady heat flux in a fully rotational, cooled turbine rig along with unsteady pressure data to investigate thermal loading and unsteady aerodynamic airfoil interactions. Over 1200 dynamic sensors are installed on the 1 & 1/2 stage turbine rig. Airfoils include 658 double-sided thin film gauges for heat flux, 289 fast-response Kulite pressure sensors for unsteady aerodynamic measurements, and over 40 thermocouples. An overview of the instrumentation is given with in-depth focus on the non-commercial thin film heat transfer sensors designed and produced in the Heat Flux Instrumentation Laboratory at WPAFB. The paper further describes the necessary upgrade of data acquisition systems and signal conditioning electronics to handle the increased channel requirements of the HIT Research Turbine. More modern, reliable, and efficient data processing and analysis code provides better handling of large data sets and allows easy integration with the turbine design and analysis system under development at AFRL. Example data from cooled transient blowdown tests in the TRF are included along with measurement uncertainty.

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