The design of a small gas turbine in the range of 5 kN thrust / 1.2 MW shaft power is being made in association with industry, aiming at distributed power generation and cogeneration. The gas turbine was constructed and its gas generator is being prepared for development tests. The results will be used for the final specification of the power section. The gas turbine design has been carried out using indigenous software, developed specially to fulfill the requirements of the engines design, as well as the support for validation of research work. The work reported in this paper deals with the design methodology of a 5:1 pressure ratio, 5-stage axial flow compressor with VIGV and a single stage axial flow turbine. These components were designed and their maps synthesized and fed to the gas turbine performance simulation program. The engine performance results were analyzed and verified. The calculated behavior compares with similar engines’, indicating they are qualitatively correct.

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