Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) will launch the first unit of the L30A gas turbine, rated output of 30.9MW, and 41.2% of thermal efficiency. The L30A is a twin-shaft gas turbine designed for combined heat and power application (CHP) with lower emissions. The newly developed 14-stage compressor has a pressure ratio of 24.5 with an air flow of 86.5 kg/sec. KHI’s proven dry low emission (DLE) technologies are adapted to the combustion design, and NOx emission of 15 ppm (15% = O2) has been achieved. Also, the newly designed 2-stage gas generator turbine (GGT) employs the proven cooling design with conjugate heat transfer and flow (CHT) analysis, and 3-stage power turbine (PT) has the inter-locking type tip shroud which reduces vibration level for wide operating range of PT with lower pressure losses. The in-house verification tests have been conducted since 2010, to confirm design targets such as performance, emission, vibrations and temperatures were verified in exclusive test facility for the L30A. This paper describes the technical features of the L30A, the development activities and some verification test results.

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