Simulation method for load rejection with a 150 kW class radial inflow steam turbine system was proposed to determine over rotational speed at load rejection. Simulations were carried out for several parameters of valves which are operated in an emergency. And load rejection tests were carried out to confirm the machine reliability and to obtain results for comparison with the simulation results. Simulation results show that operation delay times of the steam release and vacuum break valves greatly affect over rotational speed at load rejection. Load rejection tests were done for generator outputs from 69 kW to 113 kW. Maximum over rotational speed of 54,160 rpm was measured at the generator output of 113 kW. Over rotational speed calculated by the dynamic simulation has relatively good agreement with the result for the operation delay time of 0.21 s. If the operation delay time of the steam release valves are kept as 0.21 s at the load rejection for the rated load of 150 kW, the over rotational speed is suppressed within 55,200 rpm which is less than the allowed rotational speed of 56,100 rpm.

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