MAN Diesel & Turbo recently developed a completely new gas turbine family for the first time in its history. The first product line contains both two-shaft and single-shaft gas turbines in the 6 – 7 MW class. The two-shaft engine was thoroughly tested at MAN’s gas turbine test center, and the first engine has been delivered to a launch customer. For MAN, it constitutes a technology platform that will produce further developments and new models in the coming years.

The two-shaft design makes the new gas turbine an ideal mechanical drive for both turbo compressors and pumps. This gas turbine operates to suit the optimum duty point of the driven machine; both in a wide speed and power range. The two stage power turbine design allows for a wide speed range of 45 to 105% while maintaining high efficiency. For power generation a single-shaft version has been created by adding one additional stage to the two stage high pressure turbine. The compressor pressure ratio is 15, which is high enough for achieving the highest potential efficiency for both generator and compressor drive applications. Low pollutant emission levels are achieved with MAN’s DLN combustion technology. The gas turbine exhaust temperature is sufficiently high to reach high heat recovery rates in combined heat and power cycles. Another important feature of the new gas turbine is its unrestricted suitability for taking load quickly and rapid load changes.

Service costs have also been significantly improved upon. MAN opted for a sturdy and modular gas turbine construction, while not compromising on efficiency. The objective is to extend service life and shorten down time occurrences. The modular package assembly process helps to reduce routine maintenance and repair time, and ultimately package downtime.

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