The present paper proposes an Eulerian-Eulerian two-phase model for non-equilibrium condensing flow in steam turbines. This model is especially suitable for upwind finite volume scheme. An approximate Roe type flux using real water/vapor property is constructed to calculate the upwind wet-steam flux. This flux fully couples the wetness fraction with other conservative variables in the Jacobian Matrix whose eigen-vector and eigen-value are analitically derived. A novel treatment of real wet-steam property is developed by constructing a 3-DOFs TTSE table according to IAPWS97 formulas. The table is actually a cubic and uses the mixture’s density, the mixture’s internal energy and wetness as independent variables. Besides homogeneous condensation, heterogeneous condensing is also integrated into the model, which facilitates simulating the effect of salt impurities. The above methods are validated through two nozzle and one turbine cascade calculations and finally applied to a model LP steam turbine stage. Results show that the current model is very robust and is able to correctly capture the non-equilibrium condensation phenomena.

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