In this paper, results from an experimental study on the effect of circumferential inflow distorted on the performance and flow behavior of a high aspect ratio, low speed contra rotating fan, are reported. The total pressure at the inlet is artificially distorted by means of 90° mesh sector having porosity of 0.70. The performance of contra rotating fan was studied under variable speed combinations of rotors under clean and distorted inflow conditions. Detailed flow analyses were conducted under design and off-design conditions. In order to understand the extent of inlet distortion, the distortion sector was rotated circumferentially at intervals of 15° to cover the entire annulus. Detailed measurements of total pressure, velocity components and flow angles were carried out at the inlet of the first rotor, between the two rotors and at the exit of the second rotor. The study reveals a few interesting aspects on the effect of inflow distortion on the performance of a contra-rotating stage. It is observed that a higher rotational speed of the second rotor has a beneficial effect on the overall performance.

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