A novel solar power plant concept is presented, based on the use of a coupled network of hybrid solar-dish micro gas-turbines, driving a centralized heat recovery steam generator and steam-cycle, thereby seeking to combine the high collector efficiency of the solar dish with the high conversion efficiency of a combined-cycle power block. To explore the potential of the concept, its performance has been compared against a more conventional solar dish farm based on recuperated micro gas-turbines. Multi-objective optimization has been used to identify Pareto-optimal designs and examine the trade-offs between minimizing capital costs and maximizing performance. The micro gas-turbine combined-cycle layout has been shown to be promising for utility-scale applications, reducing electricity costs by 5–10%, depending on the degree of solar integration; this novel power plant layout also reduces emissions through increased conversion efficiency of the power block. However, at smaller plant sizes (outputs below 18 MWe), more traditional recuperated solar dish farms remain the most viable option.

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