The paper proposed an idea of using micro-W-shaped ribs on a test plate to improve the impingement heat transfer performance in a multiple-jet impingement cooling system. An experimental study has been conducted on the heat transfer characteristics of multiple-jet impingement onto a flat plate and a roughened plate with micro W-shaped ribs under maximum cross flow scheme. Transient liquid crystal thermography method has been used to obtain the detailed impingement heat transfer distribution for the Reynolds numbers from 15,000 to 30,000.The effects of micro W ribs on the local Nusselt number and the related pressure loss were investigated experimentally. The jet-to-plate spacing H/d=1.5 was used in the experiments for both the flat and the micro-W-rib roughened plate. The experiments showed that the micro W ribs on the plate can enhance the impingement heat transfer globally and locally, and increase the heat transfer uniformity, which are due to the facts that the micro W ribs on the test plate increase the near-wall turbulent mixing by interacting with the wall jets and cross flow. The pressure loss is negligibly increased compared to the impingement onto the flat plate.

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