At this paper, results of investigation of influence fuel distribution for combustion efficiency in model gas turbine burner with central body are presented. The burner is used for burning partially premixed lean mixture. The first part of gaseous fuel is injected into the central body with pilot flame (first fuel inlet) and the second part into the swirler (second fuel inlet). Study was performed with using CDF and experimental measurement. Experimental measurement was carried out with using chromatography equipment for concentration of combustion products determination. Experiment was conducted two case with first fuel inlet mass flow rate of 20% and 50% of the total fuel mass flow rate. Total fuel consumption was a constant at all case, total equivalence ratio was φ=0.625. At inline heater provides preheated air up from 328K to 523K. Numerical simulation of the flow parameters was carried out using Reynolds Stress for turbulence modeling and Flamelet Generated Manifold approach for combusting modeling. CFD calculation was conducted first fuel inlet mass flow rate of 0 to 100% of the total fuel mass flow rate and with preheated air up from 328K to 1173K. Weight average emission pollutant and combustion efficiency were compared to experiment data. Optimal operation of the burner have been found by the study.

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