This paper reports on heat transfer measurements performed on the film cooled platform of a linear nozzle vane cascade, subject to non-uniform inlet flow conditions. An obstruction, installed upstream of the cascade at different tangential positions, was responsible for inlet flow distortion. The platform cooling system included both purge flow from a slot located upstream of the leading edge and coolant ejection from a row of cylindrical holes located upstream of the slot. Testing was performed at inlet Mach number of Ma1 = 0.12 with both slot and combustor holes blowing at nominal conditions. Measured values of adiabatic film cooling effectiveness on the platform were used to obtain a detailed map of the convective heat transfer coefficient. The final goal was to compute the net heat flux reduction (NHFR), due to film cooling, when varying the relative position between obstruction and airfoil. Aligning the inflow non uniformity with the vane leading edge leads to a detrimental increase in the heat flux into the platform, within the vane passage. Conversely, positive NHFR values are observed over most of the platform surface if the inlet flow distortion is moved toward the suction side of the adjacent vane.

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