The industry bristle material of choice for brush seals has been the cobalt-based alloy Haynes®25 (also known as L605) for over 30 years. Haynes®25 has excellent oxidation resistance and wear properties in brush seal applications up to temperature of 620°C [1148°F]. Above this temperature creep resistance becomes undesirable for brush seal bristles and has lead to alternative sealing solutions to be implemented in these turbine locations. Nickel-based alloys have been explored as an alternative for Haynes®25 but have been shown to gall badly and wear quickly in comparison.

As increases in turbine performance have resulted in an increase in operating temperatures, it has lead to a need to find a bristle material that performs at temperatures above the limitation of Haynes®25. Initial experimental data has been obtained for a new cobalt-based alloy that shows potential for use as a bristle material at temperatures above 620°C [1148°F]. Further experimental results also indicate that the material appears to have better wear characteristics than Haynes®25 and may prove to be a feasible alternative in some cases.

This paper outlines a material selection process for brush seals, along with development of the alloy for use within brush seals and details of the comparative testing carried out at Cross Manufacturing Company.

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