Ultra-supercritical (USC) coal-fired steam turbines, as the representative of fuel-efficient power generation technology, occupies a large portion of power generation capacity in China. During the design process of USC steam turbines, high temperature creep deformation is a focusing topic, usually predicted by finite element method (FEM). In-service test data of a specific USC power plant during nine-year operation are used to validate the predicted results based on FEM. Toward this end, the components in HP turbine of a specific USC steam turbine (600 °C/26.2MPa) is chosen for the FEM modeling. The measurement of the creep behavior inducing plastic deformation of the components was carried out during the major overhaul of the power plant. Comparison of the results between the simulation and the measurement disclosed an accepted agreement, and the accumulated test data and the experience of the simulation method would be of great help for the further design of the components and the operation of the power plant.

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