A double swirl cooling method has been raised recently to enhance the internal cooling performance at the blade leading edge. This paper mainly focuses on investigating the flow and heat transfer characteristics of the double swirl cooling method. Further more, four kinds of elliptical holes are applied to show effects of impinging hole shapes on the cooling performance. Results of all double swirl cooling cases are compared with that of an impingement cooling structure under four Reynolds numbers. Overall averaged Nusselt number, friction factor and thermal performance factor are compared in all cases, Vortexes induced by different impinging hole types and target chambers are studied and compared. The spanwise averaged Nusselt number, Nusselt number contours and Nusselt number distributions at several cross sections are studied and compared. Results show that the double swirl cooling method can significantly enhance the heat transfer performance compared with the traditional impingement cooling structure. Double swirl cooling with cylindrical impinging hole shows the best thermal performance and lowest flow losses. By applying the elliptical impinging hole with the sharp side faced the mainstream flow direction and a larger major to minor axis length ratio, the rotational vortex inside the double swirl chamber can be better developed and the heat transfer performance is also promoted.

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