Experimental investigation on the plasma flow control of axial compressor rotating stall is implemented in this paper. The control effects of axial plasma actuation (inducing body force of compressor axial direction) with three different locations as well as stagger angle plasma actuation (inducing body force perpendicular to the compressor rotor tip chordwise direction) at different rotation speeds are studied. An unsteady plasma actuation is designed to influence the unsteady rotor tip flow at near stall point, and is found to be the most powerful in improving the compressor stall margin. Both the compressor rotation speed and the plasma actuation voltage are found to be very influential on the control effects of the plasma actuation. The abilities of the plasma actuation in suppressing the compressor rotating stall and influencing the compressor static pressure rise coefficient are not directly related. All the plasma actuations studied can improve the compressor stall margin, but the compressor static pressure rise coefficient can be decreased or increased with different plasma actuation layouts.

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