Interest in small scale turbines is growing mainly for small scale power generation and energy harvesting. Conventional bladed turbines impose manufacturing limitations and higher cost, which hinder their implementation at small scale. This paper focuses on experimental and numerical performance investigation of Tesla type turbines for micro power generation. A flexible test rig for Tesla turbine fed with air as working fluid has been developed, of about 100W net mechanical power, with modular design of two convergent-divergent nozzles to get subsonic as well as supersonic flow at the exit. Seals are incorporated at the end disks to minimize leakage flow. Extensive experiments are done by varying design parameters such as disk thickness, gap between disks, radius ratio and outlet area of exhaust with speeds ranging from 10000 rpm to 40000 rpm. A quasi-1D model of the whole setup is created and tuned with experimental data to capture the overall performance. Major losses, ventilation losses at end disks, nozzle and exhaust losses are evaluated experimentally and numerically. Effect of design parameters on the performance of Tesla turbines is discussed.

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