The present study numerically evaluates the influence of hole inclination angle with a hole imperfection on film cooling performance. Here, the hole imperfection due to laser percussion drilling is modelled as a half torus. Three hole inclination angles were investigated: 35°, 45° and 55°. Furthermore, every case was evaluated at three blowing ratios: 0.45, 0.90 and 1.25. Each case is compared to a baseline case where the hole imperfection is absent. The results indicate that the hole inclination angle has a strong influence on the film effectiveness performance when a hole imperfection is present. Centerline effectiveness plots reveal a maximum effectiveness deterioration of 89% for a blowing ratio of 0.90 in the vicinity of the hole exit. Dimensionless temperature contours show that the jet produced in the presence of an imperfection is much more compact causing the counter rotating vortex pair to be closer to each other. This enhances the jet to lift off from the plate.

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