In this paper, the integrated simulation method is used to study the dynamic characteristics and control methods of propelling nozzle when it is coupled with the gas generator. The overall simulation model of the double-shaft hybrid exhaust turbofan engine was established by the volume inertia method under MATLAB/Simulink platform. A simulation model of the propelling nozzle hydraulic actuator was established under the AMESim platform. These two models are transmitted through the “Propelling Nozzle Throat Kinematics Simulation Module”, thus achieving the construction of the integrated simulation model. Then, based on the integrated model, a fuzzy self-tuning PI controller is developed. The quantization factor is obtained through optimization to further optimize the coupled dynamic response of the propelling nozzle.

The simulation results show that the integrated simulation model captures the special change of aerodynamic force during the nozzle area adjustment process, which can more realistically show the working condition of the actuator. Controller design based on integrated simulation model is more reasonable. The fuzzy self-tuning PI controller used in this paper corrects the PI parameters online according to the fuzzy control rules, so that the hydraulic actuator of the nozzle formed by numerical simulation has faster response, and good dynamic characteristics. It has certain guiding significance for follow-up research.

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