This paper deals with the control problem concerning the output voltage frequency and amplitude regulation of a wind system power plant not connected to the supply grid. The wind system configuration includes a horizontal-axis wind-turbine which drives a synchronous generator. An appropriate modeling approach has been adopted for both the wind-turbine and the synchronous generator. The proposed controller makes use of the fuzzy logic environment in order to take advantage of the wind plant system informations integrated into a limited number of equilibrium condition points (input variable - output variable pairs). The fuzzy logic controller described in the present paper merges the most appropriate fuzzy rules clusters, based on the steady state working conditions. Then, thanks to a Least Square Estimator algorithm, the proposed control algorithm evaluates, for each sample time, the linear relation between control law correction and control tracking error levels. In order to demonstrate robustness of the suggested fuzzy control algorithm, two sets of results have been provided: the first one consider a fuzzy base with equally spaced rules, whereas, in the second set results, the number of fuzzy rules is reduced by a 25%.

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