The MinWaterCSP project was defined with the aim of reducing the cooling system water consumption and auxiliary power consumption of concentrating solar power (CSP) plants. A full-scale, 24 ft (7.315 m) diameter model of the M-fan was subsequently installed in the Min WaterCSP cooling system test facility, located at Stellenbosch University. The test facility was equipped with an in-line torque arm and speed transducer to measure the power transferred to the fan rotor, as well as a set of rotating vane anemometers upstream of the fan rotor to measure the air volume flow rate passing through the fan. The measured results were compared to those obtained on the 1.542 m diameter ISO 5801 test facility using the fan scaling laws. The comparison showed that the fan power values correlated within +/− 7% to those of the small-scale fan, but at a 1° higher blade setting angle for the full-scale fan. To correlate the expected fan static pressure rise, a CFD analysis of the 24 ft (7.315 m) diameter fan installation was performed. The predicted fan static pressure rise values from the CFD analysis were compared to those measured on the 1.542 m ISO test facility, for the same fan. The simulation made use of an actuator disc model to represent the effect of the fan. The results showed that the predicted results for fan static pressure rise of the installed 24 ft (7.315 m) diameter fan correlated closely (smaller than 1% difference) to those of the 1.542 m diameter fan at its design flowrate but, once again, at approximately 1° higher blade setting angle.

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