A two-dimensional boundary-layer program has been developed for the calculation of flow and heat transfer around turbine airfoils. The program is capable of carrying out the calculation from the forward stagnation point, and can account for such effects as compressibility, high inlet gas temperature, streamwise pressure gradient, transition, streamline curvature and freestream turbulence. Three comparisons with recent measurements are carried out. Two are with idealized wind tunnel data. One is with cascade data obtained at high gas-to-wall temperature ratio of 2.56–2.85, which compares with a normal range of 1.4 to 2.4 for real gas turbines. Good agreement is obtained with the wind tunnel data. As for the cascade data, good correlation on the suction surface of the turbine airfoil is achieved. However, discrepancy on the pressure surface is observed and is attributed to the occurrence of local separation and reattachment in the actual flow.

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