Results from several sets of experiments are presented to illustrate the character of streamwise heat transfer development in large aspect ratio ducts filled with uniform staggered arrays of circular pins. The short (height-to-diameter ratio 1.0) pins span the full height of the duct and are packed in moderately dense arrays (pitch-to-diameter ratios 1.32 to 2.5) typical of internal cooling applications in gas turbine airfoils. Heat transfer experiments have been performed on two separate test sections utilizing (i) highly conducting, fin effectiveness unity pins, and (ii) low conductivity, fin effectiveness near zero pins. In both cases the streamwise development of heat transfer, averaged across the duct width, is resolved to a single pin row spacing. Additional information on the flowfield and local heat transfer is provided from a large scale test rig where kerosene-lamp black flow visualization and small heat flux gages were utilized.

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