A detailed numerical study of the aerothermal mechanics within a short straight section of a turbine blade internal cooling passage with a single turbulator is described. The two dimensional, transient, Reynolds averaged Navier Stokes, continuity and energy equations are iterated to a steady state solution using the MacCormack explicit predictor-corrector algorithm. Turbulence closure is achieved through the use of the Baldwin-Lomax algebraic two layer eddy viscosity model.

Axial distributions of local skin friction coefficient, local Stanton number and local Nusselt number are given. Profiles of velocity and temperature are presented as well as contours of streamfunction and temperature which display complex details of the flow structure. It was found that the widely used Reynolds Analogy greatly underpredicts the heat transfer rate as given by a direct calculation using Fourier’s law. Finally, the numerical results are found to compare favorably to the experimental results published by Han et al (1986).

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