Convective heat transfer is examined in two typical examples of separated flows, namely: the flow over a backward-facing step and a two-dimensional jet entering a cross flow. Local Nusselt numbers were determined in and behind the recirculation region. The main parameters influencing the heat transfer, the Reynolds number and the momentum flux ratio of the jet and the cross flow, have been varied in a wide range. In addition to heat transfer measurements, the flow field has been documented using a LDA-system and oil film techniques. The static pressure distribution at the wall within the separated flow is also given. The measurements are compared with the results of a numerical code, based on a finite volume method, where the well known k-ε-model is employed. The differences in Nusselt numbers predicted with a one- and a two-layer model are shown to demonstrate the influence of wall functions on heat transfer. The numerical and experimental results are compared with available data, and the differences and similarities in the heat transfer behaviour of separated flows are discussed.

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