The Multipurpose Small Power Unit (MPSPU) Advanced Development Program is providing the United States Army and other Department of Defense branches with advanced technology for current and future auxiliary power units (APUs)/secondary power systems (SPSs) in aircraft, combat vehicles, and mobile shelters. The design includes low specific fuel consumption (SFC), weight and volume, acquisition and life cycle costs (LCC), and high reliability and durability.

The Garrett Auxiliary Power Division (GAPD) Model GTP50-1 MPSPU has demonstrated major advances in small gas turbine power unit design and manufacturing technologies. Component test rigs have completed extensive development testing. Power unit operation of 214 hours, with 557 starts, has been accumulated. Power unit and rig testing has demonstrated program goals and identified areas for continued technical development. The program has demonstrated 77.6 kW (104 shp), corrected to sea level standard day, at an SFC of 0.5 kg/kW-hr (0.8 lb/hp-hr).

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