The dispersion quotient method, an optical measuring technique for particles, has been applied to in situ measurements of the soot particle size and density in the secondary zone of a KHD GT-216 gas turbine combustor under operating engine conditions. The optical technique, which has been developed at the Institut of Thermische Strömungsmaschinen, is based on the light extinction at different wavelength by a particle cloud due to absorption and scattering. It is of particular advantage in applications, where particles of small size (d ≤ 1.0μ) and high density are to be investigated.

In the present investigation, two idling running conditions of the turbine have been studied: 30.000 rpm and 47.000 rpm. The results show, that the dispersion quotient method is well suited for soot measurements in pressurized flames. In particular, it was found, that the soot particle diameter is not effected by the rotating speed of the turbine. The size of the soot particles was always in the range from 0.1 to 0.3 mircon. The soot volume fraction, however, was found to be strongly influenced by different rotating speeds, with higher rotating speed causing higher volume fraction of soot.

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