To investigate the spatial flow structure caused by sweep and dihedral effects in turbomachinery blade rows, detailed measurements have been conducted in the windtunnel for rotating annular cascades of DLR-Göttingen. The special configuration investigated, consisted of a turbine rotor equipped with straight blades, a conical hub and a conical casing with a cone half-angle of 30°. Numerous flow data are obtained from surface pressure distributions at seven radial blade sections and from Laser velocimetry upstream, downstream and inside the rotor. As the Laser-Two-Focus technique is a two-dimensional one, two laser velocity measurements at different angles bad to be taken at each meaurement location in the flow, in order to get the three components of velocity. The measurement accuracy of the three derived Mach number components in the blade relative system has been evaluated and stored together with mean and fluctuating values at each measurement location.

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