Time-averaged Stanton number and surface-pressure distributions are reported for the first-stage vane row and the first-stage blade row of the Rocketdyne Space Shuttle Main Engine two-stage fuel-side turbine. These measurements were made at 10%, 50%, and 90% span on both the pressure and suction surfaces of the component. Stanton-number distributions are also reported for the second-stage vane at 50% span. A shock tube is used as a short-duration source of heated and pressurized air to which the turbine is subjected. Platinum thin-film pages are used to obtain the heat-flux measurements and miniature silicone-diaphragm pressure transducers are used to obtain the surface pressure measurements. The first-stage vane Stanton number distributions are compared with predictions obtained using a quasi-3D Navier-Stokes solution and a version of STAN5. This same N-S technique was also used to obtain predictions for the first blade and the second vane.

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