This paper reviews the advantages, technical considerations and application of biogas fired Industrial Gas Turbines, and suggests strategies for improving the regeneration of electricity in cane sugar distilleries.

Biogas is produced by the anaerobic treatment of waste by the Indian Distillery and allied alcohol based industries. Treatment of waste has been made mandatory and all distilleries in India are setting up such units. With the generation of biogas, the Indian Distillery has found a novel way of converting waste into energy.

Traditionally, the biogas obtained was fired in boilers to generate steam. Steam could be used for process or to drive a back-pressure steam turbine. A few small units also considered installing dual fuel reciprocating engines.

Recently, a trend setting project of firing biogas directly in a gas turbine to produce electricity and subsequently utilize the hot exhaust gases in a waste heat recovery boiler is being proposed. There are distinct advantages in selecting the gas turbine route over other competing prime movers.

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