A trailing edge cooled low aspect ratio transonic turbine guide vane is investigated in the VKI Compression Tube Cascade Facility at an outlet Mach number M2,i s=1.05 and a coolant flow rate ṁc/ṁg=3%. The outlet flow field is surveyed by combined total-directional pressure probes and temperature probes. Special emphasis is put on the development of low blockage probes. Additional information is provided by oil flow visualizations and numerical flow visualizations with a three-dimensional Navier-Stokes code. The test results describe the strong differences in the axial evolution of the hub and tip endwall and secondary flows and demonstrate the self-similarity of the mid-span wake profiles. According to the total pressure and temperature profiles the wake mixing appears to be very fast in the near-wake but very slow in the far-wake region. The total pressure wake profile appears to be little affected by the coolant flow ejection.

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